Manchester attacker born in the UK

Qualified and dedicated British police will gather the personal details of the suspected suicide bomber of the most recent terrorist attack in Manchester and killed 22 persons on Monday. Salman Abedi was a Manchester attacker and 22-year old man born in Manchester to Libyan refugee parents.

Theresa May, British Prime Minister said that this attack was one of the worst terrorist attacks in the UK. Saffie Roussos was eight years old beautiful girl who was one among 22 people killed in the attack subsequent to the Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester arena.


Islamic state claimed that the overall liability for this bother through its propaganda arm Amaq. Salman Abedi was one among members of this camp and carried out the suicide bombing as planned. In the original post, the organization revealed that a group of attackers involved in this suicide bombing. However, this issue in the news was later removed.

Mrs May said that every act of terrorism is cowardly attacks on blameless persons. Defenseless children and youngsters were killed in this attack.  She also ensured that security services have enhanced overall efforts to identify and make certain about whether a wide group was involved in this attack or not. She announced Tuesday night that threat level of British increased from severe to critical. She also warned that further terrorist attack may be imminent.  British police arrested three men on Wednesday in South Manchester related to this terror attack. They look for any known associates in this cruel attack.