Malaysia Announces e-visa facility for Indian Travelers


All Indian’s who want to travel to Malaysia can now avail e-visa services which will be validated by the Vice President of AP Air Travelers organization, Naresh Kumar. The system of e-visa was commissioned on April 15, 2016.

The e-visa is said to process in a time period of 24 to 48 hours and the processing cost is most likely to be Rs.1660 ($25) along with the visa fees of Rs.1000 and a transaction fees of Rs.50. The e-visa will be valid for a period of three months from the date of issue and the visa holder can stay up to 30 days, and only for tourism purpose.

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India has been the 6th largest contributor of Malaysia in terms of tourism, with almost 7, 22,141 Indian tourist visiting the county last year. For this reason Malaysia has been making efforts to make the travel of the Indian’s to Malaysia more convenient. Having started the e-visa facility will attract more tourist to the county and thus benefit the country’s revenue. With so many Indian’s visiting the country as tourist, Malaysia feels that making the travel more convenient of the Indian travelers, would make them return to the country again and again. The facility will also promote the ease of travelling to Malaysia.

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One needs to keep in mind the e-visa does not mean that you can get the visa after you reach Malaysia. You have to apply for Visa before you visit the country. The e-visa will be processed and will be made available to applicants in maximum of 48 hours.

Once the e-visa facility starts the Malaysian government is expecting a hike in the number of Indian tourists that visit Malaysia. It is been said Malaysia is expecting around 10 lakh’s Indian tourist this year, once the e-visa is rolled. In the last few years the number of Indian visitors to Malaysia has increased significantly, and to pull more people, the system of e-visa is being introduced. With the ease of getting visa, one may easily plan a visit to the country. The main set of tourist are seen from the state of Mumbai and Delhi, and now Malaysia wants to target the other parts of India as well. The main problem that tourist face when planning a travel is that for getting a visa and the time that it takes. But now with the e-visa system, this problem will be minimized and people would prefer travelling more to Malaysia.