Malaysia Airlines grows fleet with two new Airbus A350-900s


The Malaysian Airlines Berhad has recently modified the lease option which was for 12 year with an additional of two more flights A350-900S with the Air Lease Corporation. Under this agreement there are already four A350-900 signed, which was signed in September 2015. Now two more airbus A30- 900s has been added in order to complement the existing four that is on order to reach a critical fleet size, allowing standby aircraft for any scheduled maintenance and enabling future network expansion.

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The facilities will bring more opportunities for the Malaysian Airline as there will be more flights that can fly from capital city of Malaysia to places like London and all the countries of Asia. These flights offer non-stop journey from Kuala Lumpur to London and other parts of Asia.

The Malaysia Airlines Berhad chief executive Christoph Mueller said that the agreement that was signed a year back was a strategic move and now again the Malaysian airline is pleased to sign in two more airbus with the Air Lease Corporation.

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Both Ai Lease Corporation and the Malaysian airlines, are confident that the two additional A350-900 aircraft will further maximize Malaysia Airlines’ business operations and lead to its growth globally.

Malaysia is turning out to be a famous tourist and also honeymoon destination. People from allaround the world and especially Asia are visiting the country. This has given the Malaysian country with great boost to its economy. So to enhance this opportunity the state has been making many moves to expand its tourism business. The adding of two more flights which will go to and fro Malaysia, will be beneficial for both Malaysian airline and also the country as a whole.

The Malaysian Airlines has been looking forward to the growth in the country’s tourism economy with the addition of the two more Airbus A350-900S to the Air Lease Corporation. The Malaysian government is expecting more tourist to the country from London and also from other Asian countries. With the availability of more flight option, the number of travelers from and to the country of Malaysia is surely expected to increase.