Maharashtra ex-servicemen launch ‘Veer Yatra’ to boost military tourism


The Maharashtra Ex-Servicemen’s Corporation (MESCO) have taken the initiative of starting the Veer Yatra in order to boost military tourism in Pune. The Maharashtra government will organize guided tours to the location of military importance with retired veterans. It will be an effort to showcase the glory and pride of the Indian military to the people of India and other countries.

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Under this initiative the MESCO will offer specially designed tour packages which will take the tourists to different military training spots, battlefields, and high altitude pickets, National Defense Academy, Armed Forces Medical College, College of Military Engineering, war memorials, military posts, Army workshops, Naval bases, mountain passes including Nathu La, Zoji La and also LOC. There are a total of 9 packages that have been planned, it will range from two to eight days. The destinations for the tour will vary from Gangtok, Darjeeling, Amarnath, etc.

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The Veer Yatra has already started from 12th May, 2016 and the cost of the tours will be from Rs6000 to Rs42990 per head, depending on the destination of travel. The packages have been planned in a way that it covers the interests for all age groups, so according to your interest you may choose the kind of package that you want.

The project aims in showcasing the heroism and the great achievements of the Indian Military. It will give an opportunity to the people to experience the pride of the Military and also bring up the sense of patriotism among people.

This initiative will also provide employment to the retired officers and the army widows as they will be included as the guides. So along with providing an experience of the bravery of the Military, the programme will also provide employment to the veterans. The Veer Yatra initiatives is expected to bring in some extra revenue to the country and help the veterans of the country. It will also promote the idea of joining the Indian Military among the young citizens of India. One can check online sites for choosing a tour plan under the Veer Yatra, and then experience the glory of being an Indian.