Macrons Win in French Election: More Russian Sanctions, More NATO Expansion

Emmanuel Macron’s has won the presidential election and it expected that the French would have no new foreign policy. As expected there won’t be any changes against the countries Russia and also on the refugees of several nations from the Middle East countries along with the African nations.

In order to keep the populist national front leader Marine Le Pen out of the power many people voted for Macron’s. However, the leader Le Pen has been attracted by lot of younger French voters as per the observation of Armstrong who is the previous nationalist candidate. In terms of numbers, the newly elected Mr. Macron has grabbed 66 percentages of votes; however, the previous leader Le Pen manages to get only 34 percent of voter’s faith in the presidential election.

While, looking to the administration the newly elected president of French Mr. Macron is expected to follow the same path as the socialist president Francois Holland who was severely blamed for his discredited and unpopular administrations. To be to open, Mr. Armstrong suggested that the new French president would be the “second” Hollande in terms of ruling and administrations. When analyzing the domestic and foreign politics methodologies of Mr. Macron’s found to be pretty similar when compared with the principles of the previous unsuccessful Republican Party presidential candidates.

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Though, the presidential elections seem to be totally wiped by the Macron’s wave, it’s quite doubtful how the results of the upcoming legislative elections will it be. Many experts all over the French quotes that it the results of the legislative elections will be truly unpredictable.

After winning the election it is expected that some detonative moves will be taken including the expansion of NATO, modernization of French under the administration of Macron. However, people who usually votes for socialists would surely get hurt on viewing the policies of Macron soon.