Logitech’s new webcam adds facial recognition and Ultra HD streaming capability

Logitech one of the manufactures who tends to introduced innovative gadget with more extra stuffs every now and then. Recently the company launched the innovative Ultra HD web camera model BRIO which is set to be one of the greatest web cameras released ever, and also the best camera which got released in the year 2017.

When compared with the previous web camera release of C9xx series the newly released of Logitech’s BRIO is purely a beast and far supreme in terms of features and quality. If you are one among those YouTube streamers then using this Ultra HD beasty from the Logitech would be the best one to go.


Image source: windowscentral.com

Features of the Logitech’s Brio webcam

  • The 4K Ultra HD BRIO from Logitech is capable of streaming video with the resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels with the frame bit count of 30 per seconds.
  • For people who loves to do the smoother feeds, they can use the resolution of 1080P with the frame bit of 60 per second by using BRIO 4K HD Ultra web camera.
  • Users can enjoy the HDR (High Dynamic Range) facility and can perform the 5x digital zoom.
  • The ULTRA HD camera from Logitech also has the feature of infrared sensor that performs the facial recognition operation that can be utilized by the windows operating for log in.
  • The BRIO would be the perfect enhancement for the users who uses the windows 10 desktop or lap. Currently the webcam comes with the price of around $200.