Café is not just for coffee but it has become a very famous spot where several people and group of friends get together over drinks and talk for many hours. While spending time in any café, you can pour out everything in your mind and heart and you would be happy at all. If you are searching for the best café in Mumbai city, India, LeoPold Café is definitely the best choice for everyone.

It is a place where you can have the best coffee, tasty food, cooling beer and the enjoyable conversations. This café is located at the main area of Colaba near the Mumbai Taj Hotel. It attracts almost all the tourists from the different parts of the world and also the people of Mumbai to have the most valuable and memorable time.


Foods and drinks at LeoPold Café:

All types of foods and drinks found at this LeoPold Café are delicious and amazing to taste with your loved ones. The famous items in this café are,

  • Butter garlic prawns
  • Fish & chips
  • Prawn chilies
  • Crispy chicken and etc.

These kinds of foods are really very well with a beer. At the same time, you can find the several varieties of dishes and cuisines in this café including Chinese cuisines, Indian cuisines, continental cuisines, sandwiches, Italian Moghlai, Italian pastas and etc. When you are visiting this café any time, don’t miss to taste the special pasta available at this LeoPold Café in the chicken and vegetables.

Beer towers at LeoPold Café:

When you are entering into this LeoPold Café, you will immediately get a smell of beer and also the different appetizing snacks. The towers of beer in this café surely excite you towards tasting it. From the beer menu, you can choose the best and necessary one for your drinking needs. There, you can find the different types of shots and cocktails to choose from the menu. Similarly, there are some of the decent alternatives of the whiskey, scotch and vodka.

At the same time, this café has more numbers of the draught and important beer items on the menu to make all the customers surprised at all. If you are taking your friend or group of friends to this café, then your party and the conversations will be really great with the tasty & healthy foods and the extraordinary combinations of beer.