As the popularity of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies increased, awareness about the dangers associated with storing your coins on devices connected to the Internet or exposed to theft also increased. The rapid rise in the market has led to the inflow of large investments, so keep your savings in a safe place. Certainly, the hardware portfolios are such a place, which are one of the best solutions when it comes to the security of detained funds

A French startup dealing in the production and sale of physical portfolios for storing crypto currencies completed the funding round B, collecting $ 75 million. Among the largest investors was a venture capital company, Draper Esprit.

According to Ledger, it is one of the largest projects in the block chain industry so far – last year, BitGo and Block chain in similar financing rounds gathered about $ 40 million. According to the statement of Eric Larcheveque, president of the company, funds will be spent on further research and development and reaching customers in various parts of the world.

The idea behind Ledger and offline wallets is to store Bit coins outside of a computer or hardware that was used to buy or extract crypto currency. This is to increase the security of crypto-assets and limit the possibility of their being stolen during a hacker attack or technical problems of the online wallet.

Currently, the company’s offer includes Ledger Nano S worth 95 euros, equipped with a small OLED display that supports multiple currencies at the same time and the possibility of extending it with additional applications. The product is in the presale, which shipment is scheduled for March 23. Ledger Nano S is a hardware wallet for storing bit coin and many other crypto currencies. This is a cold storage solution – crypto currencies remain offline or offline.