Japan will be blanketed with radioactive clouds if nuclear war breaks out, North Korea

Well, the war clouds are revolving over the North Korean region, recently the statement of North Korean official quoted that the if nuclear war breaks out the Japan who is considered as the allies of US will be blanketed with the radioactive clouds.

On proving those words, the Yonhap one of the leading news paper claimed that it would be a piece of North Korean defense to strike Japan on considering the capabilities and abilities of the North Korean fighting arms. Well the words from the North Korean administrative against the Japan after the Japan quotes about the Japan’s Reckless Act.   

Through the newspaper commentary, the leader Pyongyang made this threat to US allies by quoting as there would a big impact in Japan if there’s any conflict arise in terms of crisis in and around Korean peninsula. During his commentary, he also added that the not only groups who intended to harm us, we will attack on all those supporters of our haters if any war breaks out.


Image source:youtube.com

Meanwhile, the china called for a peaceful talk by gathering all parties in the Korean region with the intention of standoff and to hold the calmness. And also requested to stop doing things which the manner of irritating each others. On the other hand, the United States of America urged chine to get involved in peace act as they are the only major ally with the North Korean nation.

The trump administration already showed its response by sending nuclear powered aircraft to the North Korean region and they started to do their training drills by combining with the Japanese air forces. Similarly, South Korea too joined air craft training drills in the upcoming weeks in order to portray their strengths.