Jallikattu is sport which is most liked in the Tamil Nadu and people think that it is linked with their tradition. According to them Jallikattu is the cultural sign of their state and it is their pride, too. But according to the government and animal welfare organizations like PETA, this game is against the rights of the animals. They are treated badly during this game.

Due to this government had put a ban on the game. Supreme Court’s put an order that game must be banned. But people consider this order against their tradition. There have been heated debates surrounding the issue after the ban.

And people come in front against the Supreme Court’s. And Tamil Film industry comes in support of Jallikattu. While the whole Tamil film industry stands united in support of Jallikattu, it looks like the people of Tamil Nadu are now getting hold up from Tollywood as well.


Image source: www.koimoi.com/

Many of the big start come in front and support the people. According to them court is trying to take away very important part of Tamil Nadu culture. It will spoil the feeling of people. They support this game because no human and bull life gets affected because of this game.

On 8 January 2017, students and young people hold a meeting at Chennai Marina and carry out a rally opposing to the ban of Jallikattu. The member walked from the lighthouse to labor statue having poster in their hands with message save Jallikattu

Tamil Nadu Superstar Rajinikanth said the bull taming sport should not be banned as it is symbol of our culture and government has no right to play with feeling of people. According to him there can be put some rule for the game so that cruel action against the bull can be stopped but it should not be banned completely.