The details of President Donald Trump’s first speech on the State of the Union continue to be a topic of conversation on social networks, such as on Twitter, where the dress worn by the first daughter Ivanka Trump became a trend.

There are two aspects that users highlighted in that social network: the cost of the attire of $ 2,690 dollars that represents almost 60% of a month’s salary of an average American, considering that the average income per family is $ 53,000 dollars.


The other aspect that was questioned was that the garment had not been manufactured in the United States, but in Italy, which contradicts the policy of President Trump “American purchase, hire Americans.”

Some users considered that the businesswoman has frowned on her outfits during her father’s speeches in Congress, since last year, when she had her first appearance, the First Daughter wore red, like “if she went to a party,” they said.