Italian parents will be in jail when they force their kids into a vegan diet


Every adult has the right to decide on the vegan diet on their own. On the other hand, Italian parents do not have the right to force their kids to follow a vegan diet, according to a well-known Italian politician.

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Elvira Savino in the Forza Italia party was proposed the legislation says that parents would be in jail for up to four years when they provide an inadequate diet to their children.  In general, a vegan diet leaves a child lacks in the most important vitamins and minerals like iron and zinc required for physical growth and mental well being.  Ms Savino has explained that many kids suffer from anaemia and other neurological problems caused by severe malnutrition.

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The main purpose of Savino Law is to get rid of the most harmful eating behaviours for kids from a vegan diet imposed by their parents.  The member of Italian parliament wrote that many Italians believe that a vegan diet gives a wide range of health benefits in recent years.  There is no objection when an adult in Italy make a decision to follow a vegan diet. However, a parent who forces his or her kid to pursue a vegan diet would be punished by 4 years of imprisonment.

Milan, a 14-motnh old boy in Italy was taken into hospital because a lack of calcium.  The main reason behind this unfavourable situation was a vegan diet pursued by a boy as per his parents’ directions.

A judge who has listened to every aspect of this case understood the importance of following an ideal diet plan for every age group of people. A court has ordered a vegetarian mother to cook meat based recipes for her son at least once a week. A reliable Italian News Agency Eco di Bergamo has revealed this news.