Is Zimbabwe the next hot safari destination?


1 . Fabulous Game viewing

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Zimbabwe is the perfect destination to experience the variety of safari excursion like traditional vehicle safari to canoe safari. There you can come across different several safaris. There are separate rivers and water holes situated for animal’s convenient basic necessaries of water to play, bath and drinking. Enjoy the nature habitat of animals like hippo charge into the water; crocodile bask on the rock or a lion and its cub playing delightfully.

2. Hwange National Park

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The park interior much resembles the ancient ages which is Africa’s greatest wilderness heaven. It maintains wildlife by providing its natural habitation facilities. Most of the unique animals protected by Zimbabwe can be found in this National park frequently. There are large number of wild dogs available in this is Hwange park which surviving in Africa recently.

3. Thrilling walk with lions

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In ancient days, over the Africa continent there are more than 250, 000 lions are revolved. Unfortunately today there are only 20,000 exists which are also decreasing in count slowly. It is now chance to get a wonderful experience with closeness of lions. The Victoria Falls offers a best time with a friendly walk along with lions. If you are daring enough to grab this chance, then you can able to know the lion’s habits and casual behaviour.

4. Linkwasha Camp

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This is one of the most luxurious camps in Hwange’s south corner. There are nearly 100 lions living in and around concession of Linkwasha camp currently. Other majority killer animals like leopard, cheetah, and hyena are also exists widely in this area. Approximately 30,000 elephants are estimated here. It also offers an amazing summer pastime viewing features along with open fresh air, spacious design.

5. Matobo Hills

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Matobo Hills situated near Bulawayo where you can’t see animals as much close up to the foot as you pass through vehicles. At the African landscape, there we took close to an elephant breeding herd a wide arc area around where sometimes female elephants may quickly get agitated. But don’t need to worry there are kazingizi always alert with a 458 rifle for safety.