India’s first solar-powered train is ready for trial


Indian Railways is all set to take a giant leap in its innovative line of projects. The first of its type and surely pique interest worldwide in this end product. A train that would be running on solar power is all set to go in for its first trial run. The scheduled date of the trial run is going to be sometime towards end of the month.

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Press release issued by the Indian Railways write that post successful trial run the train would be run as a regular passenger train covering a route which is also yet to be decided. The trial run would be held at Jodhpur where solar panels have been installed on the Diesel Electric Multiple Unit for this test. The roof tops have been fixed with solar panels for generating the required energy. In ideal climatic conditions, the power expected to be generated from the solar panels is 3.6 kilowatts. This is sufficient energy to use for the complete inner light and fan of the train compartments. The project had been started in October 2015 and set to be complete in the scheduled time period.

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With a successful trial run, the Indian Railways would be taking that big step towards a green initiative.  Carbon emission is supposed to be reduced by 239 tonnes with this green initiative. The internal lighting and fan systems of the compartments have been consuming some 90,800 litres per rake. In rupees the project is estimated to return a saving of Rs. 82 lakh per train to the Indian Railways. It is also going to pave the way for further green initiative projects to be launched by the Indian Railway. Their target has been a reduction by 10 percent of its current fossil based fuel usage, by end 2020.