Impact of Digital Marketing on Travel Industry


That travel industry has experienced a sharp increase in activity since the proliferation of the digital form requires no statistical tables to prove. Every one traveling anywhere in the world, be it for leisure or for work, is using the digital environment at some stage or the other for the planning and execution of the trip. Some of the most useful aspects of the digital factor’s that are helping the travel industry in its boom are as follows:-

1. Information at the click of a button though the travel sites and portals. Replacing the travel agent with the travel portal is one big leap for the travel industry. The travel agent had its own limitations both by way of knowledge, availability and interaction. Given the intelligent design features of the travel sites and their embedded features, searching the places of interest for a travel plan itself has turned into an engrossing pastime. There is no limit of information that traveler can draw from the digital marketing trends.

2. Availability 24 by 7 of the digital adverts. The digital media is also available 24 X 7 and being interactive in feature, provides the information to the reader in a very conducive manner. There are also instant deals which come up off and on at these travel sites which make people return back for more. Such advertising quirks have people hooked on to the sites thereby providing infinite cases of low probable travelers converting on the go into a fully fledged travel enthusiast.

3. The ease of planning and booking. Digital advertisement has made it possible to place all information that the traveler needs well tabulated under one umbrella. Starting with places of interest, to entry timing to rates of hotels close by, everything is placed at the traveler’s disposal under one page. It is not just the planning stage that the traveler gets help for; even the booking of the travel plan is as easy and interactive. Booking in advance, via the secure payment process gives the traveler that extra sense of relax which only the digital marketing process has been able to bring forth.

4. Getting feedback to help in decision making. Digital marketing or travel industry includes the feedback factor from other tourists who have used the services. Though many would be using this feature of digital marketing by tailoring the remarks left by others, yet an easy read of the text gives a fair view of the reality that would be experienced by the current reader of the web page.

5. A picture is worth a thousand words. This is one aspect in digital marketing that nothing can surpass or substitute when it comes to providing a boost to the travel industry. Digital technology brings the place near live to the viewer to make a decision of its beauty. It is nearly first hand experience that the viewer is getting via this form of marketing, not only of the place of visit but also things like the car for hire and the hotel accommodation. Decision making process is therefore easier and wiser.