About the Fundraiser

My son loses his mind over his itchy body and scratches it to a point that his skin tears and starts bleeding profusely. It’s been too long since my wife and I are witnessing this agonizing discomfort of my son. My 2-year-old son Nihaal was born with a dysfunctional liver. That’s the reason for my son’s constant struggle and the reason you’re reading a helpless father’s story.


Since we found out, we’ve just been trying everything in our power to drag him out of the clutches of this disease. After two surgeries, the last solution to his condition is replacing his dysfunctional liver with a healthy one. A liver transplant that costs a staggering Rs. 15 lakh. Fortunately, my wife’s liver is compatible with Nihaal so she’s going to be his donor. Despite having a willing donor, we’re not being able to get the treatment started because it’s way beyond our family’s capacity. No matter what we do, we won’t be able to manage an amount that high in just a week’s time – please help us out.


My name is Ramkrishna. I’m Nihaal’s father. My own father died when I was studying so I had to stop everything and take up the responsibility of my family. I immediately took up a job at a gold shop as an accountant with a meager pay. Now after all these years, I make Rs. 12,000 every month. I live in Warangal with my family. After spending over Rs. 17 lakh on my son already, there’s absolutely nothing left to continue my son’s treatment. Now I have piles of bills to pay in front of me with absolutely no money in my pockets.

We’ve been living this life filled with the fear of losing my son since November 2015. Nihaal was running a stubborn fever. Our blood ran cold when his vomiting persisted for a long time. We rushed to the hospital to find out what was making him so weak. For almost a month, the doctors thought my son had jaundice so he was getting treatment and medication to cure jaundice. After a lot of tests, his liver disease showed itself. Nothing has been the same since that dreadful day.

Ramkrishna is struggling to pay for his son’s liver transplant. You can help him afford the treatment by making a donation.

Seeing my son struggle is extremely painful. He doesn’t have a moment of peace due to the constant itching. We do our best to distract him and stop him from scratching himself. But we don’t always succeed, we know how much it bothers him. He cries his eyes out. It’s like he can’t think straight when his body is itching. He ends up crying, scratching and bleeding eventually.

The first surgeries used a part of his own liver. While it drained us off a lot of money, it didn’t do much good to my son’s body. Now a liver transplant is our only way out of this devastating situation. After spending over Rs. 3 lakh on the tests, we’ve finally found that my wife’s liver is compatible with Nihaal’s. Now we just need the money – it’s a hurdle we’re trying our best to cross.

There’s nothing more painful than seeing your own son battle for every breath he takes. I hope no parent has to experience this horrifying feeling. Please help us rescue our child from this painful ordeal.


Please help and support, for more info. contact: https://www.ketto.org/fundraiser/helpnihaal