Well, everyone has a typical situation on this life span, if you notice that your friend has been facing such situation try to help him/her out. Don’t ever try to keep them to be feeling along and also help them to not feel anything like judgmental over the relationship.

Here are the few things you can do to keep your friend engaged with you and to help to overcome the typical situation.



  1. Listen to the words of your friend

Keep calm yourself and just listen to your friend. Let them to spell all those which are struggling in their soul. Splitting the words from soul will always help to keep their pressure down. Never shows any kind of intension of arguing with your friend on such situation.

  1. Share your unpleasant experiences

To boost the moral confidence of your friend, it is highly advised to share your past unpleasant experiences, especially related to your relationship. By doing so, it will give confident to your friend to face the situation. Never think that your friend will guest badly over you on sharing your past unpleasant relationship.

  1. Be a Gentlemen and judge gently over the ill subject

Don’t be so force and aggressive over the subject in which your friend is facing hard times. Almost every person will eventually blame their other partner in such typical situation, so if you are about to handle, handle it gently so that there won’t be any wrong decision in that crunch time.

  1. Be motivated and convey positive messages

It will be the time that you friend will in need of high positivity from the friends, so be a positive person to him/her. Talk about the possible ways which can help your friend to overcome the typical situation. In addition, convey that your presence will be there always.

  1. Be secure and follow the safety protocols

Anything can happen at any time during those typical situations where your friend will be seen completely broken. Always expect the unexpected events and be safe and also ensure the safeties of your friend.