How to have perfect winter day in Shimla – 3 Reasons


1. Travel in the mind blowing hill rail

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Shimla is one of the very few places in the world where steam based engines are still functioning in a perfect manner. Even though there are many obstacles still present in the continuous functioning of the rail road, it is still being operated in a perfect manner. Tourists can see the beauty of the ecosystem there in Shimla during the winter season where the temperature sometimes reaches below the sub zero. It is always recommended for tourists to plan for rail trip in the middle of heavy winter season to get a best experience for lifetime.

2. Enjoy ice skating and skiing

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One of the best destinations for tourists in India to enjoy the thrill of ice skating and skiing is Shimla. There are many other destinations available in the Himalayan region than Shimla where tourists can enjoy best ice skating and skiing. But they are not very much developed as in Shimla. There are many snowy places present in Shimla during the winter season which will be most suitable for those people who want a better adventure in their life. Guided ice skating and skiing is now available during winter season in Shimla.

3. Enjoy diverse climatic condition

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Alike most of the snowy areas in the world where the temperature will be freezing everywhere, it is not such a case in Shimla every time. The climate in the lower region will be hot and sunny which will drastically change when people move towards the top. The underlying forests also vary with their vegetation where it is very common to find tropical trees and vegetations in the lower while temperate and evergreen forests in the top. Tourists can see the sharp transition during winter season as the surrounding ground in the top will be covered by dense mass of snow.