How to have perfect day of eating and drinking in Honk Kong


Breakfast at Winston’s Coffee

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For a perfect start to a morning in Honk Kong you can go to café that has newly opened on Queens Road West. The café is called Winstons Coffee and is run by a group of British expats. It is best breakfast place in Honk Kong and is crowded by people all the time. The flawless flat whites and bacon baps are most popular here.

Lunch at Mandarin Oriental Hotel

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For lunch a perfect place is the Mandarin Grill and Bar restaurant which is a part of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The place serves the best food in the city. You can order an amazing chicken soup to begin with and then go on to some authentic food that will pamper your taste buds. But do not eat too much as your day of eating is still left.

A 7pm dine at Okra 1949

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At exact 7pm you can visit the Beijing restaurant called Okra 1949 which is located in the district of nightlife, Sai Ying Pun. Here are some amazing food and drinks that is served here, the ambience is also perfect for the evening. You should definitely try out chicken-fried cobia with crystal hot sauce, it is just amazing and will be a delight to your taste senses.

A late evening visit to Desert Bar

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Around 9.30pm you can go visit the Colo House and sit at the Desert Bar that will serve you with yummy and signature sweets like ‘chocolate H2O’. And there are also options like ‘gaidaanzai’ which are basically egg waffles which are filled with candy and ice cream. There are also many other options available here which will be a perfect desert after the yum dinner.

At midnight at Pontiac

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At midnight you should surely be at the Pontiac which is a classic bar in an American style. The party starts at midnight when Frank’s frozen Heisenberg cocktail is poured with gin and blue curacao.