The loneliness is a universal emotion of a human life and when you see your friends and family then sure you will able to regain your energy back. But when it extends then sure he/she is moving towards the danger and sure it would affect them.

  • When you are alone then the measurements of stress hormones, immune functions and cardiovascular functions would rise up.
  • If the adult face this problem then for relieving from that they make use of the alcohol and addicted to that.
  • The older people when you were isolated without their partner then their normal work seems to be complicated for them as like bathing, grooming and preparing for meals.
  • They really don’t mind them they eat whatever they like as well they would lack in sleep these all convert fatty as well as many health issues would sure start attacking them.

Normally when the person stays lonely are abnormal there is a large possibility for them to be attacked with heart attack, arthritis, type 2 diabetics, dementia even they would do the suicide attempts.


The main reason why people choose loneliness in their life

“The loneliness is as like a silent killer it not only kills you physically but also it makes you stressed mentally. Even it creates a long gap between the people whom you really liked to be with you always.”

  • The loneliness is the only remedy that would be chooses by the person who had been abused by her family and friends.
  • It can also cause due to certain physical disabilities or excess introvert nature would promote an individual to think that he is not fit to stay in groups.
  • Even this loneliness would be the gift by their beloved lovers by leaving the loved person and getting married to some other person.