India is progressing in lofty levels with some of the best outcomes for the year. At recent days, the chabahar port pact has been signed and that can constantly improve the friendly relationship between Afghanistan. The chabahar port is situated in the southeastern part of the Iran and this new construction will bring more business deals to India with more safety and security. The global standards of Indian projects will more likely to improve on these days.

10 years of working period

The contract is signed for 10 years and even it is an extendable one which can give support and jobs to millions of people. It takes 18 months to complete phase one of the port and surely it can globally empower the unemployment crisis and give more work for the people. On the whole it can bring new vibes of changes for India to develop well than what we have thought. It can smooth en the relationship between other countries and help to raise the standards of cargo business without any delay of time.


A new approaching railway body

The port is not only the main focus, Afghanistan is trying to start a new railway body named as IRCON international that will extend from Afghanistan to Chabahar. The new train services can become one as the best goods travelling service and that can make India to have much more benefited transportation facilities.

More supply of steel

India will supply more of steel invested for $400 million to Tehran. The urea plants will be constructed in the region and numerous industrious will get developed for living better than what people would have thought. The bloom of aluminum smelter can pop up as the outcome of this project and thinking of all these business development processes can surely bring up a big rise in the economical side of the India.

Increased trade connectivity will be seen in the areas of Mumbai, Moscow, Tehran, Bake and Astrakhan. It is time for people to start thinking something positive and watch out for more development. This is one of the best constructed sea-land routes which can serve as the best good transporting area for many people. It can make many countries withstand together without any trails of troubles. Until now there has been no such kind of big investment or development with international levels and this development can bring up lot more attention for people and lift up the opportunities for trade and business.