Holland launches taxi branding campaign in Mumbai and Delhi


The Netherlands Board of Tourism in association with the Amsterdam Airport and Jet Airways has launched the branding of 200 radio taxis in Delhi and Mumbai. The branding campaign was launched by the Ambassador of Netherlands to India, Jos Vranken, Managing Director of NBTC, Wilco Sweijen, Director Aviation Marketing, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol; and Gaurang Shetty, Wholetime Director, Jet Airways, at the Ambassador’s residence in New Delhi.

The Jet Airways and Schiphol have invested in the promotion of Holland. The main aim of the campaign is to generate a demand for Holland tourism in the Indian market. It is believed that India is a large market and most Indian’s are seen visiting the foreign countries these days, and so Netherlands Board of Tourism has taken the initiative to promote the tourism products that Holland has to offer to the people in India.


Image source: twitter.com

It is the responsibility of the Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions to brand and market the country both internationally and nationally. For this purpose the tourism board has taken up the brand name ‘Holland’. It is wanting to promote the country and attract as many tourist to the country as possible. The board is trying its best to place the country on the map as one of the best holiday destination, business destination, and the best place for conventions. There have been many campaigns launched by the board.

For the same purpose of promoting the country, the board has worked in collaboration with the Amsterdam Airport and Jet Airways and launched the taxi branding campaign in India. The taxis will be radio taxis that will run around the cities. In this campaign, around 200 taxis running in the India states of Mumbai and Delhi will have the brand name of Holland, thus making the people of these cities talk about it and encourage them in knowing more about the country and then driving demand within the Indian market to travel to and experience the Holland tourism product. The campaign wants to drive a high amount of curiosity among the people in India and encourage them to visit Netherlands.

Radio Taxis in Delhi

Image source: blog.goo.ne.jp

The Jet Airways will also make its efforts in promoting Netherland as the best tourist place by various efforts and campaigns. This will raise the demand of Netherlands as a popular tourist place and make people from India and also otherwise, travel to the country and spend some secure money on the tourism products that Holland has to offer.