About the Fundraiser

On October 22, 2017, at 10.35 am in the morning God changed my life. He made me a father, I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy. Seeing him after a 9-month-long wait was a surreal feeling. However, this feeling has now been replaced by a harrowing fear of losing my only son to a complex heart disease. I’ve thought of a name for my son, Digvijay, it means ‘the conqueror’ but I don’t want to tell my wife or call him that amidst these morbid discussions that involve him leaving us all behind. The day my son is free from the hospital, I will arrange for a big function and proudly christen him since he will have actually conquered this condition.

My son has a defect that is causing impure blood circulate throughout his body. The reason is a complex medical condition called the ‘Transposition of the Great Arteries’. To put it in simple words, it means that my son’s body is struggling to function in a normal way that would lead to the circulation of pure blood which is essential for his survival. The doctors said this condition would have to be corrected with a surgery. The cost, however, is way beyond our capacity – a staggering Rs. 3 lakh. I urgently need help in the form of donations to keep my baby alive.

My name is Dattatray Siddheshwar. I live in Pune with my father and wife. I’m a machine operator and make Rs. 24,000 every month. Since my baby’s birth, instead of buying him a crib, clothes and toys, I’ve been paying for tests, NICU, hospitals and consultation. I’ve just been running around helplessly looking for a solution that puts an end to my son’s misery. What is the point of my savings if I lose the person I’m saving for? So far, I’ve exhausted my savings and borrowed money from friends. Right now, I don’t know how I’ll support the rest of daughter’s treatment without any money.

I still remember the day he was born. The doctor came out of the operation theatre looking pale saying my child didn’t have his ‘First Cry’. And that’s how all of this started. On the first day of his birth, my son travelled a distance of around 75 kilometres from Pune to Solapur to shift to another hospital so he could underwent tests. I was terrified by the way things had suddenly changed. On October 23, the reports revealed what was wrong with my child, i.e. the complex heart condition.

Dattatray is struggling to continue his only son’s medical treatment. He needs help to save his son’s life. You can help him here.

It’s just been over a month since my baby came into our lives and all he has seen is the walls of NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), hospitals and doctors from Pune, Solapur, Mumbai and series of painful tests. I wonder what my little son has done to deserve pain right at the beginning of his life. There were times when I had almost given up due to lack of money. I had to take him home due to my financial inability, I had left everything up to God. He was alive because of some drops prescribed by the doctor. The doctors had also warned us that the baby won’t be able to survive for long with the support of these drops and that the treatment was unavoidable. So I did whatever I could to gather money for the treatment. After 19 days, I managed to collect some money and got him to Mumbai. 

It’s been two odd weeks at the hospital now. A few days after my baby was admitted, I got another concern to worry about and one more bill to pay, my baby was struggling to breathe on his own. The doctors immediately supported his respiratory system with a ventilator. Now his surgery is underway and the ventilator support has to be continued too. These breaths that my son is breathing have come at total of Rs. 3 lakh. Nothing matters more than my baby’s life. It’s heartbreaking to see our tiny baby’s fragile structure being pierced with needles every second day. Help us rescue him.

Please we need your help and support ,to support please connect with: https://www.ketto.org/fundraiser/helpmysmallbaby