The longest property on the road can take more the name for it in UK after it is getting completed. As to our knowledge, Google office has been one of the best motives for a perfect office environment. The office property is being developed at King’s Cross Central and it is expected to overtake Shard Skyscraper which is now shinning as the longest property in UK.

Watch out for much new advancement

The building is about 1,016 feet tall and that makes the biggest headquarters for Google. It measures for 1,100 feet when it is flipped on its side. The building is referred as the longest land scraper! The building is owned to horizontal stretching rather than vertical one. The building is being constructed by BjarkeIngels Group and Heatherwick studios who are one among the best scrapers of buildings.

The headquarters is expected to have a new featured rooftop garden with a swimming pool for leisure time. The Google is about to begin the construction in the year of 2018 and will extend to 1 million square feet. The building will be eleven-storey’s tall and more than 7000 employees can get accommodated at once.


Why land scraper?

The land scraper is being constructed by Google because more climatic conditions are turning on the temperature of the earth. During disaster times it could be far better to get into horizontal ones rather than vertical ones. The several feet extended land scraper building can act as one of the best saver spot for many people. It creates one of the important reasons for making this as one successive building structure.

Many more add-ons

The company structure will have some of the attractions such as

  • Gyms
  • Wellness centers
  • Massage rooms
  • Narrow swimming pool
  • Multi usage indoor sports pitch
  • Three areas of garden
  • Plateaus
  • Gardens
  • Fields
  • Trim trails
  • Four cafes

These are just some of the up gradations which are being made in the structure and that is making people to stick on with it without any delay of time. The gardens will have planted strawberries, gooseberries and even sage. The main café will span for about three stories where people can enjoy a promenade view of the station.

In a busy place like London, this Google office can create a massive difference for people who are working there. Moreover the happiness of work environment is really extensive when it comes to Google at any time.