Google Retires the Pixel C Tablet   as it shifts focus to Pixel book

The technological devices are literally booming in the consumer market these days. The latest news being touted in the market is that as of December 2017, the sale of the Pixel C tablet is going to stop now from its online stores.  This latest headlines in the technological market has made waves among all and sundry. It has been noticed by the Android Police that the consumer distribution of the Pixel C tablet has been stopped on all the virtual stores by Google. This step has been taken by the company to pave the way for the latest in the Google technological innovations.


More updates

It has been reported that the company said in a consultation with Techcrunch that since the tablet sale is being put to an end, it also means the end of life for this long used device. Now the anticipation is on for the Pixel book as all technology   freaks await its launch with bated breath. The existing users of this device have no cause to fear. The updates and supporting system would be very available technologically. The company is committed to giving its clientele the best of services. The most updated outlook and upgrade has been given to Android 8.0

For the enthusiastic technology buffs, the newly launched Google Pixelbook is merger of a tablet and a laptop which is indeed a boon. The fact that Google has moved its focus from the Pixel C tablet to the SL Pixelbook is something of an advantage for the users. The best part is that although the Pixelbook is not as slim as a solitary tablet but in most cases, it is a much more useful and solid computing device.

Prices and others

However, the prices are the prime factors here. As with any kinds of cool new technological devices, one needs to be prepared to pay a hefty sum. Such is also the case with Pixelbook as the lowest price starts at nine hundred and ninety nine dollars. The starting price of the Pixel C tablet was five hundred and ninety nine which quite a pretty penny was also. However it can be safely concluded that the scientifically upgraded technological gadgets of the future are bound to be more advanced on a scientific mechanical basis and likely to cost even more in the future. But as they, say every good thing comes at a heavy price!