Google ordered to share Gmail messages from non-US users with FBI

With the intention of providing better comply with the warrants issued by FBI based on the case needs the US Magistrate Mr. Thomas Reuters from Philadelphia recently issues a order by which the internet giant needs to share the mail message which they owned in the servers away from the US soil. With this order it posses the great threat to the privacy of the NON-US customers of Gmail. The order from the magistrate came with respect to the FBI warrant for the domestic fraud investigation.

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It’s not the first time Internet storage space providers facing hard times with the Judicial system of the United States of America, last year the Microsoft too faced such similar kind of privacy issue on reporting its users mail data to the US system. And they managed to get success on their re-appeal against the initial order proposed by the magistrate. The internet surfers and Gmail users are expecting the same move to be taken by the Internet Giant Google against the new proposed order by the US magistrate which posses a great threat to Google’s privacy rule.

Just like expected, news are coming that Google is about to appeal against the orders as the order posses great risk to the privacy of non-us users of its storage space, also in order to provide better performances to the users the Google uses breaks up system in their Gmail facility owing to that it often hard to predict where the messages are stored.