Luckily Google has introduced new and interesting feature which might allow user to filter out bothersome reminder advertisement which stalk them across the world. This kind of tool is located in the Google’s account settings. Advertisement appears on the website and app which you visit and reminding you of that item. These types of the ads are called as reminder app and it is really useful to you. But if you are not buying anything then it could be irritating you. Sites and apps could be muted once you visit Google’s Ad settings but it is required Google account. Muting option is suitable to both desktop and mobile browsing.

Effective ways to mute adds in website and apps

Now a day technology has improved a lot and user can must ads in the third party websites and apps which are used Google ads. At the same time user can also mute reminder ads within Youtube, Gmail and Google search. In order to mute the ad, you need to check your ads options dashboard and try to scroll downwards to the reminder ads section. You can also remove reminder ads from company’s complete domain. You must remember one thing; reminder ads could be muted for at least 90 days. Google is also announcing plenty of updates to the existing “mute this ad” feature. If you are looking to avoid reminder ads then you are advisable to create a Google account so that you can easily mute ads which can provide you excellent browsing experience.