Google gets the green light to test its delivery drones inside the U.S.


It has been announced that Google has been given permission to test its drone technology in United States. This permission has been given to the parent company of Google, Alphabet, and the company will be able to test its delivery drones within the six specially assigned test sites.

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Alphabet’s drone initiative called Project Wing will now be able to try out its technology at one of the designated test sites in U.S. The company said that this test is focused on understanding the delivery service of the company in safe testing environment.

The Project Wing will research and work on the building of beyond line of sight capabilities of its drone. It will also help to develop a drone-focused air traffic control system.

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Even though Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has been highly protective and particular about its regulation concerning with commercial drone testing, FAA has still allowed Alphabet to test its delivery drone inside US. This is mainly because of their awareness to the fact that the commercial drone industry has the potential to generate more than $82 billion for US.

It has been said that Alphabet drone testing will form a part of the 5 year initiative by the U.S. National Science Foundation.

This whole initiative, Project Wing, came to notice when a footage was posted by Google two years back. The footage showed a remote controlled flying machine that was a mix of copter and plane. But then due to certain issues, the UAV was totally re-designed by the company.

A few months earlier Amazon got permission for a similar project of testing drones by the United Kingdom. But then the two companies seem to have different focus in their research,though Amazon has not revealed much about it.

With the help of these tests Google wants to improve the delivery of goods through the existing Express service and also to carry out new services of carrying supplies to the people who are trapped in a disaster hit area, or so. Now one has to wait and see that how the tests go on, and how it is made useful by the company.