The Golden Globe 2018 awards is  a mega event and all the lady participants wore black. However the gorgeous Emma Stone stands  a class apart from her contemporaries.

Dress details

Louis Vutton had designed a gorgeous black single shoulder dress for Emma which suited her to perfection, showing off her slender figure and fair complexion. The hem of the dress was scalloped and it suited her like it was tailor made for her. Her lovely blonde tresses were done up in a low bun, allowing a wisp of two to escape. She looked extremely attractive without using much make up and elaborate hairstyles.


Rachel Goodwin, Emma Stone’s makeup artist provided wonderfully corrective make up for her. There is some slight green make up on her eyes, her lips and cheeks are painted purple lightly. White shades adorn the inside of her eyes and along the brows. A feminist look for her was derived from the Women’s Suffragist movements and it worked wonders for the pretty star.