Gaming in India is finally getting the push it needs

India and china one of the most notable developing nation in the world, now getting new attention by the game developers across the world as they seek gaming sectors in these two nations are the next big thing. The mobile gaming market of India has grown rapidly in recent time and also the internet games too raising the user bar as the nation’s internet users getting increased in recent times.

With respect to the recent survey conducted the leading institute, every smart phone users are playing games in their mobile phones at least for 40 minutes on daily basis. Also they prefers to try out new games from their market every one and then. Being a world second largest telecom industry, India is the next big thing for the mobile game developers to target their potential customers.

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According to the recent report released by the business standard, the mobile gaming market in the India is facing a rapid growth and by the end of the year 2020, the mobile gamers from the India would reach the count of 628 million.  Also the revenue levels from the mobile gaming sector might hit the record high of 400 million US dollars.

In recent past, there has been several gaming events and shows has been arranged all over the nation which grabs lots of attentions among the mobile developers all across the globe and it leads towards the potential growth in the India’s e-sports.