Pokémon Go is the most entertaining game designed to make players active, happy and healthy. One year ago, this extraordinary game managed to get everyone off their chair and send them to walk, hike through parks and do everything to seek the cute yet little digital characters.

Capturing these digital characters is not only fun for players, but also good for their health. There is no need to increase possibilities of health problems caused by too often sit at a desk throughout the daytime or play usual genres of games on the mobile. Sedentary behaviors like playing games, watching videos and browsing the internet lead to more than a few health problems.

Be active and healthy

Researchers of Kent State University have found that players of the Smartphone based and physically interactive game Pokémon Go enhance their physical efforts like walking to be active and healthy.

Qualified researchers Ellen Glickman and Jacob Barkley assessed the overall ability of this video game Pokémon Go to increase physical activities and decrease sedentary behaviors. This research has shown that players of this game have doubled their usual walking behavior and reduced 25% of their sedentary behavior.

Entertaining elements

The most excellent nature of entertaining elements of the Pokémon Go initiate a positive health behavior change in terms of less sitting and more walking every day. Health and entertainment conscious people can download and play the physically interactive video game Pokémon Go on their Smartphone. They will enhance their physical health and reduce sedentary behaviors without any difficulty.


image: hindustantimes.com

Players of Pokémon Go get the best in class amusement regardless of their lifestyle, age and other things. They are keen to engage in this game world and physically active as long as they play this game. Out of the ordinary nature of entertaining elements make this game popular and encourage many people to take part in it as happy as possible.