Flipkart’s new office is coolest in India

Flipkart’s – Employees of popular shopping portals such as Amazon nowadays are willing to work in the coolest office of Flipkart’s in India. They admired with world-class elements in this office located in Bengaluru.  The online shopping giant Flipkart’s has the newest and coolest address in Bengaluru at the IT City’s Outer Ring Road. All listeners to this office at the Embassy Tech Village do not fail to be amazed with the world-class facilities. Look at the following details and get an overview about remarkable elements of this new office.

  1. 1. Size

This Flipkart’s office is spread over 8 lakh square feet and bigger than 12 football fields. Almost every employee in this extraordinary office has something to explore every day. The main attractions of this office are plenty of greenery, high streets and comfortable walkways.Flipkart's Office

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A mini-city

The overall design of this coolest office of Flipkart is like a mini-city. Many foreigners who explore this office in recent times are amazed with facilities in it and resemblance of a European town.Entertainment in different categories.

Flipkart's New Office

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A basketball court is situated on the top floor of this office. A rock climbing layout of this new office encourages everyone to climb. Virtual reality games make all players more contented than ever.

Flipkart's Office

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Regular updates

Cleanliness and ever-increasing enhancements make this office cool in various aspects.

Satisfied employees


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Every staff members of this new office in Bengaluru is satisfied not only because the working environment, but also the company giving them attractive salary packages.