Pueblos Blancos – Andalucia

The Pueblos Blancos is called as white village and it is surrounded by the rugged hillsides which are located in the central place of the Andalucia and this place is almost seemed to be defying gravity. During the olden days this place was used for the agriculture purpose where most of these village lands are agricultural land. Now the overseas and local visitors have rediscovered many things in this place like the narrow streets, charm, pretty old churches, flower streen squares and whitewashed house where these all have been restored. This Place also includes the lovely villages that include Arcos de la Frontera, Vejer de la Frontera and Grazalema.


image: wikirote.org

Alhambra Palace at Granada

Most of the people like to visit this palace for seeing its wonderful interior design of the palace and due to its architectural design the place is considered as the most beautiful monument in the Spain. But visiting this place or seeing it is very hard because the palace is surrounded by the ornate gardens that are perched at the top of the hill and behind this palace the snowy peaks of the sierra mountain is available. The interior designs of the palace is similarly beautiful with the romantic intricate that contains the peaceful courtyards and Moorish style decorations contrasting with the powerful lines of the later vast baroque.

Gaudi’s masterpieces at Barcelona

Barcelona is the proud capital of the catalunia region and it has many heaps namely beaches, shoppins zones and great nightlife to the visitors. But the buildings constructed in this region are phantasmagoric which was created by the famous architect Gaudi that is far biggest stars of the snow. Still this building was unfinished La sagrada Familia with the oddly shaped buttresses, towers and roof are the best creations. His casa mila residential building is a more wonderful one in his architect work where he played his excellent work in statues and beaches.

Picos de Europa – Natural scenery place

This place provides natural scenery with sandy coastlines to the vast plains which is constantly surprising the visitors but the lofty peaks of the picos de Europa mountain ranges is the most beautiful and spectacular place to visit in the Spain. The raging rivers, craggy mountain peaks and verdant valleys combine to make the chunk of this northern Spain as a perfect adventure and hiking territory for having the snowshoeing and whitewater rafting experience. These places also contain the heaps of the wildlife that includes the endangered cantabarian wolves and brown bear.

The cathedral at Santiago de Compostela

These immense gothic cathedrals are the evidence to the nations long held Christian mores of the Spain and the most mesmerizing of the Spain is the Santiago de compostela which is a huge large construction suffocate in stalagmites, statues and Baroque. The western facade is the most incredible vista that forms the large main entrance that is accessed by a magnificent quadruple flight of the stairs. In which the cathedral is the final destination of the thousands of the pilgrims in which they all walk the way of St James trail each year.