Five amazing places to eat in Rio


Portuguese Barbecue

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If you are in Rio then it is a must that you try out the Portuguese style of barbecue. There are many meat grill shops or traditional churrascarias that serve the Portuguese style of barbeque. You will everything from a beef ancho to a saucy pork. One of the most popular type of Portuguese barbeque is the Porcao Rios.

Espirito Santa

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At this place you should definitely go to have the amazing Amazonian which is quite popular in this country. Chef Andrew Zimmern claims this restaurant to be his favorite. The restaurant is located in a 19-century mansion and serves food with Amazonian ingredients like apple tart and fresh water fish with tonka beans and sour sop compote.

A juice bar

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When in Brazil you will hear a lot about sucos, well they are nothing but juice bars. But then the juice bars in Brail, including Rio, serve some of the most exotic fruit juices like sugar apple juice, cashew fruit juice, etc. You should definitely try out an acai smoothie with caffeine-packed guarana seeds.

Have a comfort food at Bar Do Mineiro

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Well, being in Rio, you must try out the usual comfort food of the city. There are many local restaurants in Rio that serve home style feijoada. Well you must be wondering which this dish is made off. Feijoadais a stew dish made of pork and black bean. You have to have this as it is said to be national dish of Brazil. So look out for a local restaurant that serves feijoada and know the favorite food of Brazil, Bar Do Mineiro may be a good option.

The Cadeg Market

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It is basically a market place where many vender’s gather to sell their produced meat, spices, seafood, flowers, and many other things. You must be thinking why you should come to this wholesale market to eat, the answer is that, during lunchtime a dish called bacalhau is served here. It is a yummy dish made of dried and salted fish and is served at many restaurants at this marketplace.