The world’s more famous social media platform Facebook has dropped the transaction fees which it charged for the donations made to the non-profit organizations. However, there’s no change for the individuals who are using the Facebook platform for raising money.

The news has been announced by the founder of the platform Mark Zuckerberg few days before. He also added that the decision has been taken followed by the request made by the charitable organization to eliminate the charges. As far as data concern there are around 5% of fees charged for the donations made to the charitable organization cited in the United States of America, and around 6.9% for donations made to the individuals along with the 30 cent per donations.

After witnessing the action taken by the Facebook, the experts all over the world predicts that the fundraising process in online, especially in the social media platform will gets expand and reaches new high.


“The largest social media network is about to set up $50 million per year under the tag of Facebook Donations funds which also includes natural disaster relief.”


On pointing the fundraising process, the CEO of the Facebook Mark quoted that that the Facebook wasn’t specially designed to raise money or the apt way to raise money. However, many people all over the world are using the platform to raise money for different causes. He also added that the officials of the world’s largest social media is about to launch a special software called Fundraiser API which allows users to merge the fundraising process in Facebook with all other existing Fundraising pages.


In addition to that, the Facebook also plans to promote blood donations. Under this blood donors can united in single frame. By partnering with mentorship organizations, the Facebook offers various mentors and advice or support to the needed people all over the world. z