For all the avid social media networking fans there, there is some breaking news. This is particularly relevant for facebook users. The immensely happening facebook promises to announce a personalized video platform called Watch. Here are the details.


On Thursday 10th August 2017 the astounding news stunned all and sundry that Facebook was launching its own personalized video platform which would go by the name of Watch. Apparently, if sources are to be believed, this new redesigned and re adorned video platform is set to give the popular YouTube a run for its money. There will be a number of personalized shows and telecast from this new tab. The choices will be based on the viewer preferences and that of their friends.


The video platform is supposed to be widely accessible through desktop, cells, mobile phones, laptops and even television applications. The shows which would be telecast would follow a plot and be live or recorded in a series of episodes. The video based platform Watch would be primarily available to a few users in the United States before its international debut.


Apparently, this video platform aims at broadcasting interesting shows like parenting talks and safari networks and brings together people who seem interested in the same things. It is indeed interesting to watch the launch of this Face book introduced video platform.  It has already created immense hype and excitement among the Face book users and it remains to be seen how popular it turns out to be.