Once more the well acclaimed video platform facebook is in the news headlines and take a look as to why. Throngs of internet lovers and social media addicts use this networking platform to connect with friends, post and share pictures, updates, videos as well as chat.

Latest Updates

The very popular and immensely happening social networking platform has obtained the German computer technology vision startup Fayteq. It is indeed a technological boon for it has the upgraded technology to be able to add and remove objects of viewing from existing videos. This announcement was made by the German media. However when Variety probed into the matter, a Face book representative made a confirmation but provided no further inputs.


image: hypebeast.com

Video editors like Adobe Flashin have bought plugins from Fayteq. These are after effects which permit the video editors to add objects or remove them with the help of tracking down the data. These cool video edits really come in handy in these technological times. It is to be seen how successful these new innovations are when enhanced with facebook. This photo vision technology can also add digital effects to existing videos.

The company has informed its customers that its services and products are no longer accessible to the general mass crowd for them to purchase.  Interestingly enough, Face book is much in news these days for adding video platforms like Watch and now video editing technologies like Fayteq. It sure is going to be a thrill for the innumerable face book fans worldwide.