Elizabeth Hurley in different outfits

Elizabeth Hurley is one of famous film actress who played leading role in many movies. She looks beautiful in her different dresses. Here is a brief into of her look in different outfits

Black Versace dress


Image source: nutterbuster.com


Her Black Versace dress is made up of silk and lycra, that dress is open from the front, She look very beautiful in this black color dress

Blue one shoulder dress


Image source: express.co.uk


She looks very sexy in her Blue one shoulder dress. With this dress she wears strappy gold sandals and silver hoop earrings which give elegant look to dress.

Elegant cream cocktail dress


Image source: Pinterest.com

Her stylish cream cocktail dress gives her a different look.  She covered the dress with a fluffy jacket.

White mini dress


Image source: dailymail.co.uk

Elizabeth Hurley looks wonderful at fifty in plunging white mini dress. White color match with her personality

Pink Clothes


Image source: celebmafia.com

Elizabeth Hurley looks like princess in her Pink color Clothes