Dubai welcomes world’s largest and most powerful aircraft


The Dubai World Central is the second airport of Dubai and is one of the busiest international airports in the world. Now this airport will welcome the worlds largest and the most powerful aircraft Antonov 225.

The aircraft, named Mriya – which means Dream in Ukrainian, made stops in Australia, Turkey and Malaysia and now will also touch Dubai. On May 19th the flight came to Dubai for the first time and departed the country for Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport in Italy.

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It is a matter of great pride and another achievement for Dubai, as the flight is the most powerful aircraft and stop in just certain countries. The flying behemoth, which holds almost 240 world records, is powered by six supercharged turbo-fan engines, operated by a six-man crew, and lifts a mammoth 640 tons of Maximum Take-Off Weight. The aircraft is 84 meters long, 18.1 meters high, has a wingspan of 88.4 meters and a fuel capacity of 300,000 kg. Its maximum speed is 850 km per hour with a 15,400 km range and 11,000 meters cruising altitude.

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Due to the weight and the take-off speed of the aircraft, only a few airports in the world can handle the landing of the aircraft. Also the wing span is wider than even the world’s largest passenger carrier, the Airbus A380 double-decker Aircraft. Only the countries mentioned above are capable enough of handling the flight. And now Dubai joins the list of airports which can land the world’s most powerful aircraft.

Dubai, in the past few years have been reaching great heights of success. The landing and the take of this most powerful flight on the Dubai Airport has surely taken Dubai and its success to a greater level. This is surely bound to bring more and more opportunity to Dubai in the field of business and also tourism. This is another major achievements that Dubai can boast of now. Dubai is now one of the leading business and tourist destination and there are so many people who visit the country for both luxury and business. Achievements as these are surely proving Dubai as one of the most powerful countries.