Dog people have more friends than cat people


There is a thought that dog people are friendly, popular and outgoing when compared with the people who have cats. The cat people will always like to be alone and they would prefer their own company rather than other’s company.

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But this is not true according to the users in Facebook. Researchers have made a survey and they have studied more than 160,000 profiles in the United States.  In this survey, they have found that around 30 percent of people who have shared the images of cats are being single. Meanwhile they found that only 24 percent of the people who shared dog photos are single.

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The dog people are very outgoing and it is proved by watching their facebook profiles. As an average, the people with dog images are having more than 26 friends. But the cat people are not having more friends. 

There is a saying which means people will generally resemble the personality of the pets they are having. Actually it may be true in many cases. Most of the cat owners use to update their status or posts regarding being tired. But the dog owners will always be overactive and they use to update status like that they are very excited.

However, the study also mentioned few things about the advantages that the car owners have. Generally the quality of cat owner’s friendship will be higher than the people who are having dogs. Similarly they would like to live in big cities and they will always be very much interested in indoor activities like reading books, watching movies and television shows.

The taste of the cat lovers will also be different. They always like to watch and read sci-fi movies and books. Meanwhile the dog people will like to prefer the romantic and light hearted books and movies. The researchers have written these things after their study.