Despite decline in sales, Apple has sold its billionth iPhone


Apple is all over-whelmed and is celebrating great milestone of the sale of its one billionth iPhone. Report have been showing that the sales of iPhone’s has been reducing in the past two quarters, but then the sale of the one billionth set shows that they are still selling enough mobile devices.

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The sales figures of the past nine years show the gradual increase in sale of the iPhone. Apple has sold just half a billion phones in the phones in the last two years. These figures showcase the position of the iPhone’s in the market. The billionth iPhone has been sold two years after the sale of the 500 millionth iPhone.

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After nine years of its launch, iPhone has reached this target. In the last three months Apple has sold around 40.4 million iPhone’s, which is less when compared to the iPhone’s sold in the same quarter of last year which was 47.5 million devices. In the past two quarters the company has been witnessing a marginal fall in the sales of the iPhone. And according to reports it is just the first time, in all these years that the company is seeing a drop in the sales of iPhone. But many are of the view that this decline in sales may be because people are using the existing iPhone for a longer time, before buying a new one.

At the same time Apple is also seeing a drop in the sales of the iPad.

During a meeting, Tim Cook announced that the iPhone’s have become one of the market leaders and are delivering successful products constantly. He also said that their third quarter reports are just fine and they had a very successful iPhone SE launch. He also thanked all his employees in the meeting and said they have given their best in making iPhone what it is today.

The company is all set to launch the iPhone in September which will boost ios 10. With this phone the company is expecting the sales to rise even more and to cover up for the decrease in the sale that was seen in the last two quarters.