Everyone is eager to show their self-outfit to society. It must be not boring at the same time more trendy. Nowadays people show their interest to seek attention of celebrities outfit, make up sense, accessories from top to bottom to analyze those things. Actually it will become trending styles.


image: instagram.com

A perfect outfit must be a first thing to look more beautiful. For those outfit an accessories plays an added role to improvise them. It might be a sun glasses, belts, watches, cool bracelets.


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Always be cool!


image: Zakasi.com

In recent trends belts can be cool accessory for a perfect outfit. Even the fame actress Deepika padukone, Malaika Arora and Sonam Kapoor were showed a stunning look with belt. The belts don’t need to be functional, it keeps the structure sleek and moreover it is the way of presenting as a cool headed person.