Deepika Padukone the reigning queen of Bollywood and a diva and brand by herself recently opened up about a very serious issue regarding her own life and her mental health. Deepika opened up in an interview about battling depression where she clearly mentioned about her life pre and post depression. Going by her public image depression is not something the world will associate her with. But, yes she did experience it and also battled it out with grace.

She clearly stated that it is not at all to wrong to open about one’s mental health in front of others it is basically nothing to be ashamed of. Due to various circumstances in life more often that not whether its bullying or any kind of suffering one can actually go through depression. When she could not tell people about her condition or rather had to hide her feelings that was the worst phase of it. Days passed when she did not feel like living anymore and then one day finally she could let go of her negative thoughts and she was not controlled by depression anymore.

 The reason she decided to open up about this issue was entirely from her own experience where she knew that the only way to get rid of this was sharing her own thoughts. That was the moment she exactly did not feel  caged anymore or felt like she was hiding something. She started the Live Love Laugh foundation to help people across the globe battle this deadly diseases to accept this fight this and also combat the suicidal thoughts. Kudos, to this diva indeed! 


Images: Instagram