DataWind Vidyatab Punjabi Education Tablet Launched for Rs 3999

Because of DataWind vidyatab Punjabi education and learning tablet, now learning Punjabi is become easy. A new tablet has been released to learn Punjabi with the collaboration with vismaad Inc. Vismaad is a major animated and customised academic designer of Punjabi content.

This Punjabi education and learning tablet have a 7″ inches screen with 800×480 pixel display. 4GB inner storage, 512MB RAM, 1.3Ghz dual-core double processor, double sim spots with 2G support, Wi-Fi, Wireless allowed with 2500mAh battery power.

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The Tablet has a variety of other features like Videos: Educational video clips based on History, folk stories and modern issues in traditionally animated computer animation are not only fun to watch but great teachers as well. As with all of Datawind’s major tablets, the VidyaTab-Punjabi contains 12 months of endless free surfing around on the UbiSurfer web browser.  Protected by 18 U.S. and worldwide patents, DataWind’s web delivery system provides a fast and affordable path to the internet overall mobile systems. DataWind’s back-end cloud servers pack and speed up the delivery of web.