When you are moving to different country it is necessary to use that country currency. It is well known that there are large numbers of people that are moving towards UAE in regard with work and as tourist. Every country will have its own taxing system and it should be followed by everyone that is using its currencies. It is easy to bare the tax when you are living in the country. But incase when you are from abroad it is hard to manage the tax that is being imposed on the people.

Bearable VAT on customers

From Jan 1, 2018 the country has announced that it is necessary to pay VAT even for the exchange of currency. It is being opposed by large mass of people as it is waste of money for them. This will eventually reduce the value of money and will create many issues if the people that are poor. It should be carefully addressed and should be taken better care. When it comes to experts view they have predicted that it will not affect the people in any way and they are showing many examples for it.


image: gulfbusiness.com

People will have to pay only 5 % of VAT which is bearable and it should be taken better care. One should carefully make use of these things for managing better results and they should carefully take care of the problem. This will not cause any changes and it is considered bearable in the remittance industry.