US government blaming China over its military actions in recent period, now the United States Military’s pacific command chief Harry Harris Jr, who is the current U.S Navy Admiral has alerted the countries by mentioning as the Chine is becoming a disruptive force in the Indo-Pacific region.

He also urged other countries to build their capabilities to face any kind of thread, in fact, he advices neighboring countries in the Indo-Pacific region to work together in order to ensure the free and make use of the open seas. It is expected that all the like-minded countries the region will take the notes from the Navy Admiral of the U.S seriously and act wisely. So, that in future there won’t be any thread for the peace and stability which prevails in the region.

For information, the countries cited in the pacific region India, Japan and also United States has monitoring the growth of the China’s assertive military base in the region. In fact, recently Australia too expressed its concern over the China’s assertive growth in military.


Earlier, the United States of America has expressed its distress over the construction of the China’s islands and increase in the Military forces in recent times, particularly in the South China Sea region. It also added that after witnessing the assertive from the China, the neighboring Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippines experiencing the anxiety.

The U.S Navy admiral conveyed that it’s the right time for the neighboring countries to take appropriate measures and developments in order to secure the peace and stability in their region, especially in their marine parts.

Owing to the fact, the countries, India, U.S and Japan has already started the Trilateral Naval Exercise in the Indian Ocean and it is expected that the Australia too will join hands in the naval exercise.