Mahira Khan is the most famous Pakistani Actress in the bollywood. She had acted in so many serials and movies as well as won several hearts with her performance. When it comes to the wedding of someone, she suddenly starts dancing on the floor. Mahira is also a passionate dancer. But after watching the pictures and videos of her BFF’s wedding, the fans were in a lot of surprises. If anybody cannot believe this, you just see her rocking dance performance on the stage at her friend’s wedding. However, the Mahira Khan dancing is like the Banno Ki Saheli at her BFF’s wedding. She always seems like the showstopper in both off-screen and on-screen. On the other side, she has stealing this choreography for her BFF’s sangeet.

Is she killing the dance performance?


She was dancing superbly with her friends. Once you watch out the videos, it is very difficult to take your eyes off Mahira Khan. Wherever she goes, Mahira would be the central impression of people’s eyes. Even she also did a duet performance with her friend in the BFF’s wedding and also she slowed down the music a little bit. Her dazzling super star performance would attract everyone’s eyes and also interested to see her whole performance. Obviously, she has saved the best for the last. At last, the Mahira Khan’s gajra can add more impression to her friend’s wedding occasion. Once you watch out her performance, you will be surely wondered on what’s shaadis without this superb adorbs performance.