It has been announced by the GSTN network that it has begun facilities for the run of the mill casual tax payers to be registered on the network portal. Skim through for the relevant details

Updates and details

A casual taxpayer is an individual who makes business transactions in an external area, outside that of his domain. This means that the taxpayer conducts business deals from a state or a Union territory where there is no base for his work. The chairperson of the Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) declared that the validity of the casual taxpayer registration would be deemed valid for a period of ninety days. There is also the good news that the taxpayer will have the alternative to prolong his period of validity before the expiry of the original registration.


Navin Kumar, the chairperson of the GSTN network announced that the concerned individual should opt for the registration prior to five days before the business transaction.  It is much better to enroll as casual taxpayers for limited time periods. This is because if a person registers himself as a regular business owner and tax payer there has to be zero returns during the dull business periods, returns of which he would be expected to file.

Conclusive summary

These updates were announced on August 10 2017 and created quite a headline in the business world. The fact that remains to be seen is how successful the new facility is with the current lot of business entrepreneurs and business owner.