Car park app offers users £10 reward to snitch on people parking illegally

It’s never easy to find a perfect place to park 4 wheelers in the public places when you are traveling to UK. There are some severe rules are implemented by the government with the intention of regulating the parking slots in the United Kingdom.

 I-Ticket app Introduced by a Private parking firm

The UK private car park management (CPM) has recently launched the separate mobile application to its users for both android and IOS platform at free of cost. The main purpose of the launch of the app is to pick the vehicles which are parked illegally in their own parking slot.

App pays for reporting illegal parking

 The newly launched the i-Ticket app by the UK CPM, provides the 10 pounds as the commission to the users who uploads the photo copy of the registration number of the vehicles parked illegally on the parking slot owned by the parking management company.

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With the aid of the public help though I-ticket app of CPM, they charges 60 British pounds as fine for the owners of the vehicles which parked illegally and if the owners fails to pay the fine within the 2 weeks of the time period, the fine amount arises to 100 pounds. The introduction of such app by the private parking firm in UK get strong reactions among the public and many quoted it as the “Recipe of disaster”. It is pretty sure that the public will look to earn 10 pounds as commission for the driver’s mistakes.