Ever since, the ADMK chief and former chief minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalalitha passed a year ago, the Tamil Nadu faces severe blow in politics and the gap yet to be filled by anyone. Now recently, the Tamil super star Rajinikanth has officially announced on 31th of December 2017 that he is about to enter politics. 



For information, the Tamil actor Rajinikanth is not only the popular icon in the Tamil cinema industry, he is widely popular all over the world. He has very strong fan base among all the age groups all over the world. After the death of Jayalalitha a year ago many of his fans expected the entry of superstar in Tamil Nadu’s politics for filling the shoes which AIADMK leader left blank in politics.

Announcement from the Super Star

On the eve of 31st December, the super star announced that he will form a new party and will contest in all the 234 seats of TN assembly in separate on the next state election. Though he hasn’t hinted any sign of allegiance with any of the existing party, but the issues will be discussed later when elected gets nearby. The announcement of entering into politics by the super star has reverberated all across the hall which cited in Kodambakkam area and spills to roads too.

The filled adoring crowds of super star’s fan have convinced that the perceived lack of TN government will be filled by the entry of Thalaivar (Leader). Meanwhile, the stars of super star too suggest that he will become a powerful politician in nearby future. There’s no doubt that the upcoming months will be the well for Rajinikanth’s political career. However, there will be few struggles which he will overcome with brave and gets succeed in the politics especially after the May 2021 as per the starts prediction.